"The Group" at Osprey is different than most.  We're a group of freelancers that work together on a regular basis. We're an experienced team that knows  the equipment inside and out and know that we can count on one another to deliver the best service in the industry.


We own a ton of gear, from the RED Epic and Scarlet, Sony F55,  Sony FS-7 camera packages to professional cine lenses, audio packages, wireless follow focus systems, prompters, etc...and our camera support and grip and lighting packages are nothing to sneeze at either. The fact of the matter is that we own all of our gear, work with it daily, so you won't see us fumbling with equipment from a rental house. 


The benefits are obvious, we eliminate typical problems that occur when the equipment and crew are all working together for the first time, essentially re-inventing the wheel for every project. We understand that you may not need an entire crew, so if you're looking for a make-up artist, a grip or just an audio operator, we've got you covered.