Camera Equipment



(2) 1TB Mini mags

(1) 512 GB mini mag

7” RED Monitor


(2) Mini Mag Reader

(1) Titanium PL Mount

(1) Canon Smart EF Mount

(1) Nikon Smart Mount

(2) 19mm Bridgeplates w/Arri style dovetails


SONY FS-7 Camera

(1) Sony FS-7 4K Camera package

(1) Sony 28-135mm 4K zoom lens

(1) Sony 18-105mm 4K Zoom Lens

(1) Sony 16-35mm 4K Wide Angle Zoom

(1) V-mount adaptor

(1) Metabones EF to Sony adaptor

(1) Metabones Nikon to Sony Adaptor


(1) Osmo gyro stabliized camera

(3) Osmo Batteries

(1) Osmo Charger

Sony A7SII

(1) Sony A7SII Camera Package 

Extended battery package



(2) GopPro Hero 4 Black Cameras

(1) GoPro Hero 4 Gimbal Stabilizers


Canon Cine Lenses

Canon Cine Compact Zoom 30-105 2.8  (PL or EF Mount)

Canon Cine Compact Zoom 15.5-47 2.8  (PL or EF mount)

Canon 85mm Cine Prime 1.3 (EF mount only)



Zeiss ZF Cine Conversion Primes

18mm , 25mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm, 135mm prime lenses with Nikon mounts


Nikkor 14-24mm Wide Angle Zoom with Wonderpana Filter system / Pola and .8ND 


Canon 80-200 L Series 2.8 Zoom Lens EF Mount 



(1) Shogun Flame 4K w/512GB SSD

(1) PIX 240 / 256GB SSD


Matte Box

(1) Bright Tangerine Viv 19mm & 15mm rod support / Top and side flags

(1) Arri MMB-2 Lightweight matte box w/19 & 15mm mounts / Top flag


Camera Support

(1) Miller Arrow 55 head with Miller 3 Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod 100mm Bowl

(1) Miller DS-25 Head with Cartoni 3 Stage Aluminum Tripod with 100mm bowl

(1) Manfrotto 536 Extra Tall 4-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod w/ 100mm  80” Height

(1) Manfrotto 100mm High Hat

(1) Wooden Camera Hand Held system with Arri Dovetail

(1) Cinekineic Cine Saddle Bag

(1) Manfrotto 561 Mono-Pod


Camera Stabilizers

(1) DJI Ronin

(1) DJI Ronin M

(1) Movi 10 



(6) V-Mount 220watt Dynacore Batts

(6) V-Mount 190watt B4B Batts

(1) V-Mount Quad Charger

(1) V-Mount Dual Charger



(1) Shogun Flame Highbright with D-tap Power

(1) Small HD DP-7 Highbright with D-Tap Power

(1) Small HD 502 with D-Tap Power

(3) Panasonic 17” HD field monitors with sun shades

(2) 15.9" HD-SDI / HDMI field monitors 

(1) Panasonic 9” HD field monitor with sun shade


Wireless Video Transmitters

Paralinx Tomahawk HDSDI System (Transmits 2000’ 1080 HD)

Cinegears Ghost HDSDI & HDMI (Transmits 600')


Wireless Follow Focus Systems 

(1) Cinegears Wireless FF with Handheld standard remote and extreme motor

(1) Cinegears Wireless FF with Micro finger control remote and standard motor