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Our Sprinter Van is an organized grip and lighting package that works very well with commercial, corporate, and broadcast projects shooting inside or out. We're centrally located in Columbia, SC allowing us easy access to the entire state. We've switched just about all of our lights over to Aputure LED's including1200d's, 600d's, Nova 300c's, MC's 60d and 60x lights. All lights ride on the truck and there's plenty of space for grip carts, camera carts, and generators too. C-stands, Combos, light stands, 4x4, 6x6, 8x8, 12x12 frames, rags, flags, nets, reflectors, green screens, blue screens, camera sliders, Porta-Jib, Camtram system, Car Mount, EZ-up tents, Foggers, hazers, cooling fans, HD monitors, wireless hd transmitters....are all right here. We have an experienced team of gaffers, grips and camera assistants that know how to deliver. Simply put, we're an experienced crew that you can count on. 

Grip 1.jpg

LED Lighting

(2) Aputure 1200d LED PAR /M18 HMI equivalent

(2) Aputure 600d LED PAR /1200watt HMI equivalent

(2) Aputure P300c Nova RGB Soft  Lights

(2) BBS Area 48 Phosphor Lights 5600k

(2) Fiilex Q1000 LED Fresnels Variable Color Temp

(6) Fiilex  P360EX LED Variable 3000-5600k

(4) Astra Lightpanels Daylight w/soft boxes

(2) Astra Lightpanel Variable Color

(2) NanLight Tubes (Variable Color/RGB)

(3) Quasar Science 2' X-Crossfades

Source Four Lighting

(2) Aputure Source Four adaptor/ 600d

(2) Source Four Jr 575 Zooms

(2) Source Four Mini’s



(4) 650 Desisti Fresnel package

(only rides on truck when requested)

(2) Pepper 300 Fresnel

(4) Arri 150 Fresnel


Sliders / Dollys

5' Kessler Cine Slider with Second Shooter System 

4’ MYT Slider 100mm Ball Mount

CamTram with 8’ track

Kessler Shuttle Dolly w/8' track

Table Top Dolly with Laser alignment


Powered Grip Carts

Motorized Filmtools Sr. Cart 

Motorized Filmtools Jr. Cart


AC Camera Cart

Yeager Jr. A/C Cart


Cart Accessories

Sr. Cart C-Stand Holder

Sr. Cart Flag/Stand Holder

(2) 72” Umbrella

(4) Double header baby pin adaptors

(1) 12V Marine deep cycle battery w/charger

(1) 450watt inverter



Honda 2000 watt



(4) 75’ Stinger

(12) 50’ Stinger with Tri-Tap

(8) 25’ Stinger with Tri-Tap

Light Stands

(2) Triple Riser Combo Stands

(2) Double Riser Combo Stands

(9) Baby Beefy Stands 

(4) Baby Stands

(6)  40” Standard C-Stands

(2) 86" Boom arm 

(4)  20” Shorty C-Stands


Flags / Nets

(2) 24x36 Solids

(2) 18x24 Solds

(1) 18x24 Single Scrim

(1) 18x24 Double Scrim


Reflector Boards

(1)  32x40 Silver/Gold Reflector

(2)  24x36 Silver Gold Reflectors

(2) 24x36 Foam Core white


Grip Hardware

(2) 8” Cardillini Clams

(2) 3” Certer Jaw Matthelinni Clamps

(2) Mayfer Clamps

(2) Pelican Clamps

(2) Jr. Pin Lollipops

(1) Foam Core Duck Bill Clamp

(2) Off-set Baby pin arms

(4) 25’ tie down rope



(8) 20lb Sandbags

(6) 25lb Sandbags


Sound Blankets

(4) Blue Sound Blanket Furniture Pads

(2) Black Sound Blanket / Furniture pads


Butterfly Frames & Rags

4 X 4

(5) 4x4 Solid Floppy’s

(2) 4x4 Open Frames with #216

(1) 4x4 Frame Full Silk


6 x 6

(2) 6x6 Frames

(1) 6x6 Full Silent Frost

(1) 6x6 1/2 Silent Frost

(1) 6x6 White Full Silk 

(1) 6x6 1/4 Stop Black Silk 

(1) 6x6 Gold/White Checkered Reflector

(1) 6x6 Gold/SIlver Checkered Reflector

(1) 6x6 Green Screen

(1) 6x6 1/4 Charcoal Silk

(1) 6x6 White/Black Griff


8 x 8

(2) 8x8 Frame

(1) 8x8 Solid Black

(1) 8x8 Charcoal Silk

(1) 8x8 Green/Blue Screen

(1) 8x8 Green Screen

(1) 8x8 Full Silk

(1) 8x8 Full Black Silk

(1) 8x8 White Griff Ultra Bounce

Apple Boxes

(6) Full Apples

(2) 1/2 Apples

(2) 1/4 Apples

(2) Pancake Apples

Car Mounts

(1) Rigwheels Magnetic Mount coupled with the DJI Ronin or Ronin-M 



(1) SmallHD 13" HDR HD Field Monitor

(1) SmallHD 17" HDR  HD Field Monitor


(1) Porta-Jib 4” Arm for tight spaces​


Teleprompter System

(2) Prompter People Pro Prompter with High Bright Daylight Viewable Monitor

(2) Script-Q Prompter Software


Camera Support

(1) Miller Arrow 55 head with Miller 3 Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod 100mm Bowl

(1) Miller DS-25 Head with Cartoni 3 Stage Aluminum Tripod with 100mm bowl

(2) Manfrotto 536 Extra Tall 4-Stage Carbon Fiber Tripod w/ 100mm  80” Height

(1) Manfrotto 100mm High Hat

(1) Wooden Camera Hand Held system with Arri Dovetail

(1) Cinekineic Cine Saddle Bag

(1) Manfrotto 561 Mono-Pod



(1) E-Z UP white tent


Cooling Fans

(2) High volume super quiet cage Fans



(1) Chavet Hurricane Hazer w/remote



(1) Chavet 1500 Watt Fog Machine w wireless/remote



Roscoe #275 Black Scrim

Roscoe #216 White Diffusion

Roscoe Opal

Haze Fluid

Fog Fluid

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